Wednesday, June 11, 2008

S/Ldr Terence Bulloch DSO* DFC* 1916-2014

S/Ldr Terence Bulloch was awarded a DFC and Mentioned in Despatches while flying with No 206 Squadron. In August 1941 he joined No 120 Squadron equipped with Liberators and made his first attack on a submarine in October 1941. He was awarded a bar to his DFC for sinking U-597 in on 12th October 1942. On the 5th November he and his crew sighted a U-boat which dived before they could attack, they then sank U-132 before attacking a third U-boat. On the 8th December 1942 in the space of 5 hours he made 8 sightings and 7 attacks. During his time with No 120 Squadron he had sighted 23 U-boats and attacked 16 of them, he had also received a DSO and Bar. He later joined No 244 Squadron and on 8th July 1943 he attacked and sunk U-514 off Cape Finisterre. His official U-boat 'tally' is 4 confirmed kills and 2 damaged.