Saturday, May 12, 2012

W/Cdr Maurice A. Smith DFC* 1920-2009

W/Cdr Maurice A. Smith who during the war gained the D.F.C. and bar for his exploits as a master
bomber. His flying career started while at Wadham College, Oxford, when, in 1933, he trained as a pilot with the University Air Squadron. He was subsequently commissioned in the R.A.F. Volunteer Reserve, and also received practical engineering training in the aircraft-engine production shops of Rolls-Royce, Derby, before joining the editorial staff of Flight, and later assisting in launching the sister journal Aircraft Production. Serving throughout the war in the R.A.F. he flew nearly every training type as well as several four-engined and fighter aircraft before operating on Lancasters and Mosquitoes. He returned to Flight on his release and was appointed Assistant Editor.
His log shows appreciably over 3,000 hours' flying, and he has flown many different types of civil and military aircraft, including jet fighters. He was an Associate of the Royal Aeronautical Society and a member of the Royal Aero Club, he was elected in April to the Freedom and Livery of the Coachmakers and Coach Harness
Makers Company.